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EASE for Instructors

The EASE video workshops can help with the new general education core reform by providing students with transferable skills within both information literacy and quantitative reasoning. These workshops can also help students succeed in their content specific courses.

See the main EASE video workshop page for more information on each workshop. 

All courses! The EASE workshops have been well received within Biology, Chemistry, Math, Psychology, Economics, and English courses. Why not add your course to the list?

Instructors provide a link to the video (also on the EASE homepage) for students to view and complete a corresponding assessment in a LEARN setting (required or extra credit - instructors discretion). It can be set up in such a way that they can only complete each workshop within a given time frame, so that they must complete each during the time of the semester you feel they would benefit the most. They would see their grade for the assessment, but not receive the correct answers. They would be encouraged to visit their TA or professor to discuss those (which can be provided).

Feel free to modify the assessment to feet your course needs.

Respondus instructions

Or click HERE for a PDF of the instructions.

Respondus files

Feel free to modify the assessment to meet your course needs.

Please contact the Blackboard support for any technical issues. 

  • Metrics & Scientific Notation:
    • “I wonder why there isn't more of these classes.”
    • “I would improve the way that these workshops are set up by making more of them. I learned more here than I have in lab for a whole semester.”
    • “I would love such workshops to be made available every month to students who are interested.”
    • “What I gained from this workshop is to have an understanding that there will always be someone who will guide me in science courses. I appreciate the chance to attend this workshop.”
  • Critical Thinking and Pop-Science: 
    • “Thinking critically is crucial. It's also crucial to know how I think and make sure I bend it in ways that set myself up for success. I've always learned well and had a lot of trouble applying it to other related stuff. I've also always been a poor test taker and this class really helped me focus on why I have been having those troubles and how I can go about it. The workshop provided me with skills I can work on.”
    • “The thing I found most valuable was the unique approach to making this workshop different. Even though we all know what critical thinking is, it's nice to be reminded of how we are able to use it in schools.”
  • Basic Excel: 
    • “This is extremely useful, I wish we had more of these.”
  • Scientific Writing:
    • “I feel better prepared to work with scientific articles.”
  • Advanced Excel:
    • “We should have more than two excel workshops"
    • “I just felt somewhat humiliated by my struggles with excel before taking this workshop and when I saw how simple everything was I was relieved and humbled.”
  • Scientific Reading: coming soon!
  • Calculus Prep: coming soon!


Please contact the STEM Collaborative Center ( with any additional questions or to indicate your participation. See "Assessments within LEARN" above for Respondus files for easy implementation within LEARN. Please include your name, position, course/section, semester, desired workshops, when you intend to implement each workshop, and if they will be for a grade or extra credit in the body of the email.