STEM Students

** The STEM Gateway grant program closed out on June 30, 2017. ** 

    • STEM Career Profiles

Our goal is to get students to understand that the path to their careers and success is not always a straight line; to highlight the broad possibilities for them with STEM degrees, outside of the traditional or obvious pathways; to think about their STEM education in a way that they may not realize; and to encourage them to persist despite challenges they will encounter. We want students to realize the possibilities of their STEM education.

    • Student Surviors

Our goal is to focus on how students reach their STEM undergraduate aspirations.

    • Faculty Learning Stratagies

Our goal is to cover faculty members' perspectives and thoughts on what students need to be successful in college.

    • Two sides of the same coin: Mentor-Mentee relationships

Our goal is to show the benefit to mentor-mentee relationships and how they interaction develops and the contribution it can have on student success.

    • Updates