Our Team

** The STEM Gateway grant program closed out on June 30, 2017. All personnel listed below were at the time of the grant closure and may or may not continue to be affiliated with UNM. ** 

Yadeeh Sawyer

Yadéeh E. Sawyer, Ph. D.

Project Director

email: yadeeh@unm.edu

Tim Gutierrez

Tim Gutierrez, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

email: tgutierr@unm.edu

Gary Smith

Gary Smith, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator
Director, Office for Medical Educator Development
Professor, Earth and Planetary Science

email: gsmith@unm.edu

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Lueras

STEM Gateway Administrative Assistant III

email: mj59@unm.edu

Audriana Stark

Audriana Stark

STEM Gateway Graduate Assistant - Teaching Professional Development
Student Technical Specialist

email: astark@unm.edu

Janeth Pena

Janeth Peña

STEM Gateway Graduate Assistant – PLF's and EASE Workshops

email: jjcortez@unm.edu

Robert Giebitz

Robert Giebitz

STEM Gateway Graduate Assistant – Internal Needs Assessment

email: rgiebitz@unm.edu