** The STEM Gateway grant program closed out on June 30, 2017. ** 

Program Initiatives

STEM Gateway initiatives focus resources on undergraduate science and math courses that serve as gateways to STEM degrees, and that traditionally have had low success rates.

Gateway Science and Math Course Redesign

Gateway Science and Math Course Redesign

Faculty-driven projects designed to change instruction and curriculum to better serve low-income and minority students.  Each project team includes faculty from UNM and CNM working collaboratively on such areas as: course outcome plans, curriculum revision, in-class assignments, inquiry-based lab exercises, assessment instruments, and teaching resources. To learn more about course reform, click here.

Peer Learning Facilitators

Peer Learning Facilitators (PLF)

Peer-assisted collaborative learning activities in large gateway sections.  The assistance of facilitators allows instructors to incorporate a wider variety of effective instructional strategies. To learn more about PLF supported courses, click here.

Workshops and Activities

STEM Gateway Workshops & Activities

Courses that help students develop strong STEM learning skills, connect to their STEM departments earlier and understand the connections between STEM disciplines.  Courses include STEM Academies and STEM Student Interest Groups. To learn more about STEM Gateway workshops, click here.

Data & Impact

Data & Impact 

Data collection and analysis to assist UNM in better understanding the course-taking patterns and success rates of UNM students and CNM transfers in relation to STEM degree attainment.  Specific research questions are posed and addressed through qualitative and quantitative methods.  Data collection and analysis tools are built in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research.  To learn more about STEM Gateway research projects, click here.


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