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Resources for Change

Resources for Inspiring & Guiding Transformational Changes in STEM Courses

STEM Gateway Course Redesign Teaching Professional Development: Resources for Teaching and Learning

The learning object is a collection of teaching professional development presentations and workbooks for guiding faculty in the re-design of lower-division college science and mathematics courses. The materials were designed and implemented during the University of New Mexico STEM Gateway Project, funded by the U.S. Department of Education Title V program during 2012-2016. The teaching professional development curriculum consisted of a 2.5-day course redesign institute followed by roughly monthly sessions on topics that include teaching diverse students; building learning strategies for students; obtaining student buy-in for active learning; evaluating alignment of learning objectives, activities, and assessment; peer observation of teaching, evaluating redesign impact; and sustaining and expanding redesign projects.

Disciplinary Journals on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Go to this web page to see a list of disciplinary journals, links to the journal websites, and information about journal availability at UNM. Browsing articles by practitioners in your discipline is commonly the best way to develop new ideas about teaching strategies, assignments that promote effective learning, and approaches to assessing student learning.

Links to Important Reports by Professional Organizations

Go to this web page to find links to important reports by professional organizations and government agencies that relate to critical reforms to enhance teaching, learning, and student success in the STEM areas and more generally in higher education. Each report title is accompanied by a citation, brief description, and a link for downloading.

Links to Video Resources of Faculty Sharing Stories about Best Teaching Practices

Go to this webpage to view case stories provided by faculty members from various universities and disciplines about a variety of exemplary teaching practices. Video resources are sorted both by discipline and teaching/learning topic.

Valuable STEM-Education Web Resources

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, University of British Columbia
This website contains a wide variety of resources for designing courses and curricula in college science with specific examples from various courses.

Science Education Initiative, University of Colorado
The partner to the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, this website contains many resources and examples developed by science faculty at the University of Colorado that will aid in improving science education on campus.

Board on Science Education, National Academies, Commissioned Papers
This website contains expert summaries and recommendations related to STEM education at all levels. Of particular relevant are the 2008 papers on "Evidence on Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics"

Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Although focused on geoscience, the SERC website has almost limitless information about all aspects of teaching and learning including many helpful web links, example exercises, and assessment techniques.

Top 25 Project, Miami University
Go to this website to read descriptions of how faculty at this university revised their general-education courses (including many science and math courses) to better serve the development of high-level, inquiry-based learning outcomes. This site is a great resource of ideas for revising your course.

Looking for ideas to trigger your innovation and course planning? We’ve collected an assortment of research articles for you to browse, categorized either by disciplinary area or by instructional topic or method. In each of the files linked from the lists below, you will find a list of articles with complete citation and abstract.

Annotated Bibliography of Essential STEM-Education Research Articles

See below to find links to a bibliography of selected articles that provide a research basis for teaching and learning in your discipline or more generally in the STEM fields. Each sample article citation is accompanied by an abstract that will guide you toward the information that will be most helpful to you. The sample citations are organized under links that are sorted both by discipline and teaching/learning topic.