Faculty Learning Strategies: Earth and Planetary Science/ Environmental Science

March 3, 2016 - Audriana Stark

This months Faculty Learning Strategies comes from Dr. Aurora Pun, with the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences.

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Aurora PunSTEM Gateway would like to recognize Dr. Aurora Pun for her outstanding dedication to teaching and learning. Dr. Pun has been leading the effort to redesign the Environmental Science 102 Lab through the STEM Gateway Course Redesign Project from 2015-2016. Dr. Pun has been presented several awards for her dedication and distinction in teaching including:
College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award in 2015- an award that honors a Lecturer who exemplifies excellence in teaching across the College.

William P. and Heather W. Weber Award for Teaching Excellence in Science in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2013- an award that honors Lecturers or Part Time Instructors who exemplify excellence in teaching of any science or math discipline within the College at the undergraduate level.

Outstanding Lecturer of the Year in 2010- an award that recognizes the contributions to UNM’s teaching mission by consistently employed, non-tenure-track faculty.

Tips to succeed in Earth and Planetary Science/ Environmental Science (EPS/ENVS)

Dr. Pun offers the following tips to students looking to excel in EPS/ENVS:
“Make friends among your cohort and spend time in the Earth & Planetary Sciences department. Feeling like a member of the EPS family is important for both support and success. You can join the Geology Club, participate in department activities, potentially get to know the faculty and start some potential undergraduate research in one of many labs. Studying in our building and interacting with fellow students and department members in the hallways provides opportunities to learn from each other, to learn about potential jobs, and to explore scholarships and research opportunities. The sense of belonging, the development of friendships, and support from our department will help foster motivation and success.”