Advice from our graduating STEM students

April 30, 2015 -

Here are a few WORDS OF WISDOM from the graduating STEM students:

  • Good luck

Self-management skills:

  • Do your best and forget the rest
  • Don’t get too overwhelmed, it’ll work out
  • Find a balance between life, friends, heath, relationships, and school
  • Time management and stress relief practices
  • Study, Study, Study!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute
  • Be persistent, organized and above all, communicate efficiently and completely


  • Always get involved in campus events!
  • Remember you are here to develop a skill-set, not to hunt grades
  • Senior year has been the hardest year, but I have learned that all the stress and all-nighters were worth it. Believe in yourself and work hard for what you really want
  • 4 red bulls @ 4 am the night before finals…totally worth it!
  • Get involved on campus, join clubs/activities
  • Go on vacation

Navigating the University and your major:

  • Get to know your professors
  • Get to know your classmates
  • Make lots of study groups
  • Don’t take O. Chem online
  • Take Biology classes with Scott Collins
  • Go to office hours
  • Take PE classes
  • Get supporting math/science done early, don’t wait to do Calc, Chem, and Physics. Get done early so you can focus on your core classes and not stress senior year
  • Get your pre-recs done early so you have time to get into departmental honors
  • Take some fun classes to balance your schedule, it’s OK to relax!
  • Don’t give it up if you fail calc