STEM Gateway Presents Its New Initiative: Students for STEM Success — S3

February 11, 2014 -

S3Students for STEM Success (S^3), a student-centered STEM Gateway initiative, that focuses on creating connections and fostering skills that will enhance the overall experience for STEM students at UNM. Our mission consists of three primary parts: to help STEM students network and collaborate with other students, faculty, and staff who have similar interests; to connect students with their chosen department earlier in their academic career; and to provide students access to programs, support services, and workshops that will improve the mastery of their own learning skills. By establishing a cooperative student network beginning as soon as students arrive on campus, we can build a truly integrative STEM community that facilitates STEM degree attainment for the diverse student body of UNM.

In addition to enhancing and increasing student involvement in activities, programs, and workshops already available on campus, S3 is launching a new series of workshops for both undergraduate and graduate students at UNM.

Remember the more people we have to spread the word about the initiative, the stronger the STEM community on campus will become!